T&G Woodware

Here at www.shopcookware.ie we supply a large range of T&G Woodware through our www.shopcookware.ie website. Originally founded as a hobby in 1975 by Patrick Gardener, this now auspicious woodware provider started out with humble beginnings and expectations. Despite this, it swiftly became a pioneering force in the industry in terms of design quality and procedure. By identifying a weak point in the quality levels of woodware production of the times, T&G woodware was able to gain a firm foothold which has only steadily increased.

The company now has over 650 products under their belt and the capacity to work their magic through a multitude of materials such as marble, cork and many others. Customers can always be assured by the quality of a T&G piece and this is only emphasised by the care that the company shows in transporting its valuable goods. Brand products are sealed in a non-toxic and protective lacquer in order to further enhance the beautiful finish of the item and help in assuring against water damage in the future. Keeping your T&G woodware clean and in perfect condition is a simple process. A swift wipe down with a wood treatment oil, or even just a damp cloth, is all it takes to ensure that your piece remains in pristine condition. To ensure that your product never takes too much water damage, it is important that, as with any woodware product, it doesn't remain immersed in water for any length of time. T&G Woodware is also well known and respected for their environmental policies. As their central product and lifeblood remains timber based, they have made firm steps in assuring that their source of timber stems, wherever possible, from well-managed and sustainable forests and plantations. Being in the industry, the company is well aware of what a precious commodity timber is and the importance of preserving this vital resource. The wood selected by T&G Woodware is thus not only environmentally responsibly selected, but also grown under the optimal conditions to ensure strength and durability. These qualities are further enhanced by expert craftsmanship which exquisitely details each unique piece.

The timeless beauty of finely crafted woodware has stood the test of time, remaining as popular today as it ever has been. Using real wood in the design and decoration of your home provides warmth, and when combined with minimal modern aesthetics, it can provide a counterpoint and a finishing touch to any room. By far one of the most popular and effective applications for wooden furnishings is in the kitchen. ShopCookware stocks a range of kitchen woodware that is not only visually striking and beautiful, but highly functional too. The kitchen is always a hub of activity in any family home and we understand that every fitting or furnishing in your kitchen needs to look great and fulfil its purpose. Our Compact Kitchen Trolley is designed specifically for smaller kitchens in flats and apartments. This feature filled product is perfect for kitchens that require the most efficient use of space, packing a range of neat and tidy storage solutions into a very small area and providing an extra working surface too. What's more, the whole thing rolls around easily on its small, non-marking wheels. For that classic, fresh beach house look, the Pembroke Trolley is perfect. Providing two convenient slatted shelves and one wide drawer, this product is handy anywhere in the home. The white lower woodwork is complemented by the gorgeous natural end grain top. The Pembroke Trolley rolls on four wheels, two of which are lockable for total convenience. The Viva Trolley is one of the products that cements our reputation as one of the most respected suppliers of woodware in Ireland. This magnificent kitchen cart is the ideal way to significantly increase the working space in your kitchen when you need it. It comes with an extendible surface that folds down when not in use and provides storage space for everything from wines, to crockery and spices. You get convenience and flexibility in a beautiful natural wood finish. Making your kitchen that much more beautiful and user friendly is just a few clicks away with woodware from ShopCookware.