Boards & Worktop Savers

When preparing and presenting food it is essential that you have the right surface to start with. This category offers you chopping boards in natural wood material and plastic. We also list a range of trivets and pot stands here so that you can protect your beautiful counter tops from heat damage.

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Trivets, Pot Stands & Cheese Boards

Let’s begin with the most important and overlooked cooking utensil in the kitchen, namely the chopping board. The Joseph Index Chopping Boards are a revolution in the food preparation industry. Like the indexing of a filing system, the Joseph Index Chopping Boards are lined up, ready to be used for meat, poultry, vegetables or cooked food. For the health conscious, this is the ideal option and one that will keep your foods scents from mingling (always an unpleasant experience). Each chopping board is colour-coded and has an illustrated tab that accurately shows at a glance what to choose and what should be chopped on each board to avoid causing food poisoning via cross contamination. The boards stand upright and are easily washable in a dishwasher. 

Wood chopping board, wood carving boards and wood bread boards have existed for centuries. Wood surfaces are known to be hygienic and clean and easy to work with. In addition they are the best surfaces to cut or carve on with good quality knives. Never ever carve on a glass worktop saver as you will blunt and damage your knife blade.

We also list in the category clever multi tools from Le Creuset and Denby. The silicone act as a trivet and protects any surface from heat transference. It is also for this reason that they can be used as a oven glove and also a gripping tool to open tightly sealed lidded jars.

We also offer excellent value cheese board sets with built in draws to store cheese knives and slicers along with trivets and pot stands.