Cast Iron Casserole Dishes

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Established in 1909 as a family venture, Anthony Ryans has gone from strength to strength. Adding the top range of Le Creuset cast iron Casseroles to their inventory has only increased the quality of the brand.

Internationally renowned cookware trendsetter, Le Creuset has been a market leader featuring the top ranges of enamelled cast iron cookware since 1925. Considering the fact that they have been specialists in the industry for nearly a century, it’s no surprise that they remain pioneers in the field. The brand’s recipe for success has always been a perfect blend of craftsmanship, market understanding and practicality.

With an array of expertly forged cast iron, multi-ply stainless steel, toughened non-stick, stoneware and ceramics as well as the wine connoisseurs’ best friend, the Le creuset corkscrews and wine accessories, the inventory list of quality seems limitless.

The selection of Le Creuset dishes and saucepans has found themselves in the hands of leading chefs and avid experts the world over. This is a series of masterly crafted cookware that continues to outperform its competitors in both ascetics and functionality.

The brand is most renowned for its cast iron range and each piece is hailed for its uniqueness, which is a direct result of the advanced methodology which the company utilises. Each new item literally breaks the mould, as after the item has been forged in its sand mould, the mould is then destroyed. Once the casting is complete the process is continued by the hands of skilled French artisans and finalised down to the smallest detail.

Manifold layers of highly durable and damage resistant enamel are delicately applied to each piece. This in-depth enamelling procedure is part of the reason for the superiority of Le Creuset cast Iron saucepans and other cookware items, supplying them with beauty and durability meant to last without the need of additional treating over time.

Ryan’s state of the art Homestore is situated on Lombard Street, Galway, but you can acquire everything you will ever need for your home, including an extensive range of Le Creuset cookware, via our on-line purchase facility.