Anthony Ryans ShopCookware is your one stop shop for everything associated with Kitchen Cookware. ShopCookware sells an extraordinary amount of saucepan sets, loose saucepans, roasters, pans you name it we have it! This category allows you to pick and choose the sizes and types of cookware from a wide variety of brands. Deciding and choosing exactly what you want allows you to build the cookware collection to meet your exact needs. Mix your Le Creuset cookware cast iron, tri-ply or toughened non-stick to have the selection of choice.  Have a look at the state-of the art Circulon Infinite frying and saucepans ranges.  Not to mention the generations that have time and time reached for their Moneta frying pan or Berghoff saucepans.  We even have mini copper serving pots from Pilot.  Lastly the good old reliable Stellar and Judge cookware. The choice is yours.

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Tramontina Trento Cast Iron Frypan 26cm

Kitchen Cookware

Other than a decent spoon for the kitchen, your saucepan will be the most popular item in the whole kitchen. Yet all saucepans, regardless of the price or quality, need the proper care in order for them to last longer than a Christmas dinner or two. For those of us who have thrown our care guides into the bin long ago, ShopCookware has some advice on how you can care for your valued saucepan.

We keep many saucepans in the kitchen, thus our first tip is to ensure that the saucepan you use matches up to the hob you cook with for example if you have an induction ready hob then you must ensure that your saucepan sets are induction suitable. Also, keep the heat-setting on ‘medium’ instead of ‘high’ when cooking most foods. A high heat may cook faster, but food will also stick to the pan faster.

What utensils do you use with your saucepan? If you have been scraping your non-stick saucepans with metal spatulas and forks, then you are being a very bad cook indeed. Metal scrapes non-stick coating off the surface as if it were a coat of tinfoil, so avoid! Use silicon spatulas or wooden spoons on your precious saucepans.

If you have baked-on food, and wish to remove it sans scraping, then simply add a tablespoon of baking soda into a saucepan filled halfway with water. Boil this mixture and let it simmer for twenty minutes or so. The burned food will then lift from the saucepan with ease. Once the grease is gone, rub the interior with oil after washing and drying it. This will keep your saucepan looking like it just rolled off the assembly line.

At ShopCookware, the saucepans and cookware we supply are meant to last for many years. If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be able to achieve longevity with ease.

Prestige have sunk quite a bit into one of their newest ranges of cookware, Stone Quartz. This will give you a premium performance cookware range for even the most health conscious cook. The durable cast aluminium heats quickly and evenly so everyday food favourites can be made the low fat way. The smart anti-scratch, non-stick black and cream speckle is on trend and suitable for everyday use complete with a super-soft easy grip handles.  Metal utensil safe surface and it's able to handle dishwashing conditions for your cleaning convenience.

The Original - Le Creuset Cookware

From the inside out, Le Creuset is tantamount with enduring quality, inspired beauty and unparalleled performance.  Not only this but Le Creuset continues to develop and deliver ground-breaking products designed specifically to enhance your cooking.  Easy to clean, grip, and ergonomic. Le Creuset cookware is suitable for use on all hob types, including induction, and in the oven.      

Signature Cast Iron

Le Creuset’s Signature cast iron range, still produced in France, individually cast in sand moulds and hand crafted at the original French foundry since 1925.  Le Creuset’s casseroles make a perfect serving dish too as cast iron keeps food warmer for longer at the table.  Grills, skillets and pans are just a few that too are included in the collection.  Cuisines of the World is a collection of products that acknowledges some of the boldest flavours from around the world.

3-Ply Stainless Steel

Stylish together with superb cooking results.  3-Ply had a unique 3 layer construction.  An aluminium core sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel, ensuring and even and efficient spread of heat.

Toughened Non-Stick

Sleek with all good intentions of the consumer in mind.  Heavy gauge aluminium body and toughened non-stick surface this cookware collection is extremely durable and yet lightweight enough for everyday use.