Egg Poacher Inserts

As the old slogan goes, “go to work on an egg” - Create healthy perfectly poached breakfast eggs with our range of egg steamers and egg poachers available below. The Judge electric steamer is perfect for bringing into a work kitchenette. Allowing you to create your own boiled eggs for breakfast breaks where cooking facilities are limited. Our range of 1,2, and 4 egg poaching pans with egg poacher inserts’ are handy to help you create a healthy cooked breakfasts for your family. These are also ideal for B&B or guest houses when you would like to offer your guests an interesting selection egg breakfasts other than boiled fried or scrambled eggs. Poached eggs are not just for breakfast. Soft poached eggs are undergoing a culinary revival and being used as garnishing over mashed potatoes, smoked fish dishes, black pudding dinner to name but a few. Remember Ray Darcy's appearance on RTE's The Restaurant!

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