Induction Saucepans

Induction cooking has become all the hype. People are replacing their hobs with induction hob tops only to discover that their existing saucepan sets and cookware may not work with the new hobs. The rule of thumb is that if a magnet sticks to your existing saucepans and cookware it will work with induction. If you are saucepan shopping instore it’s always useful to bring a magnet along with you. In this section we have featured a complete listing of all cookware that is suitable for induction use. Induction cooking had gained popularity due to a number of reasons which are discussed in detail below.

When you adjust the heat on an induction hob the heat adjusts almost instantly. While gas traditionally was the most responsive to heat adjustment in the past this is now matched with induction. The induction hob remains cool to touch so over spills or boil over won’t burn in situ and can be wiped clean without having to wait for the hob to cool down.  

Unlike any other heat source there is no wasted energy. The heat is inducted directly into the cookware giving you the more efficient energy usage. With induction cooking, energy is supplied directly to the cooking vessel via a magnetic field; thus, almost all of the source energy gets transferred to that cookware. With gas or conventional electric cookers (including halogen), the energy is first converted to heat and only then directed to the cooking vessel—with a lot of that heat going to waste heating up your kitchen (and you) instead of heating up your food.

Please note the size of your induction plates and always use a saucepan in keeping with the size of the plate. You can always place a smaller saucepan on a larger plate but not recommended to do the reverse. If you place a larger based saucepan on a smaller plate then you will have parts of the saucepan that will not heat us as the induction plate is too small.  For example an oval roaster or a fish kettle. You will have uneven heating on induction hobtops. 

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Induction Cookware Benefits

  • Instant Heat Adjustment
  • No Wasted Heat
  • Safety - Cool to touch
  • Ease and Adaptability of Installation - Some are simply plug in!
  • Ubiquity- Every home has access to electricity unlike gas. 
  • Cleanliness - Cool to touch nothing burns on. Hob top stays like new!


  • No char flames. 
  • Flaming the sauces/ liquids or foods over gas for the more adventurous amateur chef is not possible with induction
  • Cookware has to be induction suitable
  • Won't work when there is a power failure unlike gas