Non Stick Saucepans

Nowadays non stick cookware is made with natural PFOA-free non-stick coating so you can cook your food safe in the knowledge that there is no risk to you or your family. While Teflon coated non stick cookware has been the go to cookware of the non stock world for generations we must warmly welcome the new emerging range of hard anodised non stick cookware. Hard anodised non stick cookware is different to Teflon non stick cookware in the following ways.  It heats up quickly and evenly, it is also sturdier like stainless steel cookware and as such it is better tasked to handle high temperatures common in a professional kitchen, it is non porous so it resists absorbing food smells. Finally hard anodised non stick cookware is also better tasked to handle metal utensils without scratching, cracking or chipping.

See our range of non stick saucepans available to buy online, we sell non stick saucepans as complete box sets or they can be sold as individual pieces.  Here you can pick and choose the non stock cookware that suits your needs.  Our ranges include the top of the line Le Creuset toughened non stick cookware along with Prestige Circulon Infinite hard anodised range of non stick saucepans.

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