Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers are outstanding pieces of kitchenware that decreases cooking time by almost half. ShopCookware stocks a wide variety of kitchen cookware, focusing on pressure cookers for those who need it most in their daily cooking chores.

Care and How to Use

When it comes to pressure cookers, the best advice we can give is to initially follow the instruction booklet to the letter. Your brand-new pressure cooker (do not buy a second-hand one from the flea market) needs to be correctly used or you will literally blow it apart. The lid must always be securely attached and steam pressure must escape from the pot at the correct time. Check the rubber gasket seal plus the steam vent tube, as these are two of the most important parts of this appliance. The venting tube must be clear of debris, with all food clogs removed for safety’s sake.

Previously, we would have used crockpots as a variation on the pressure cooker. Both have been around for many decades, yet it is the pressure cooker that garners the most success. Besides, a crockpot recipe can easily transfer to a pressure cooker with ease. Most cuts of meat will cook to perfection, and in a tenth of the time. A brisket for instance would take one hour in a pressure cooker and eight to ten in a crockpot!

When cooking other foods such as vegetables, pasta, rice and so on, it must be noted that some of these foods will produce a foamy substance! This foam can cause the pressure cooker’s vents to block. When you are cooking with these foods, ensure that the cooker is only half full, adding a spoon of oil to ensure that the foam is kept to a minimum. Watch out for beans, apples and oatmeal. These foods create the most foam.

With a pressure cooker, timing is a key ingredient. Meats have some leeway in this regard, but vegetables and fruits can be easily overcooked. Your pressure cooker, such as the Raymond Blanc pressure cooker will have a chart with strict times for your food groups. Keep a note on the gauge, the clock and your new piece of kitchen cookware will produce incredibly tasty dishes.

Our Best Selling Raymond Blanc Pressure Cooker

Raymond Blanc cookware from Analon produce beautiful quality cookware.  With two pressure setings, and a pressure regulator valve, this induction suitable pot will cut your cooking times in half  saving you 70% of your energy versus open regular cooking, preparing food in as little as a third of the usual cooking time with more flavour and nutrients.  The visual pressure indicator that tells you when the cooker is reaching the desired pressure.  Made of stainless steel polished finish on body.  Completed with an aluminium core for even heat distribution.


Purchasing a saucepan set gives you a head start, and easier than picking up a piece here and there and wishing you had that pot when you need it most.  Better for you, saucepan sets are generally more discounted than purchasing each piece individually.  Brands want to showcase their best possible cookware pieces to you and what better way than popping them into a cookware or saucepan set.  Usually a selection of saucepan sizes, small, medium and large also incorporating a pan, stockpot or maybe even a steamer.  Better yet you will be rest assured that all pieces will work well together and complement one another.