Saucepan Sets

No kitchen is complete without a high-quality saucepan set. Thankfully, ShopCookware is on hand to provide you with kitchen cookware that will last for many years to come. From all corners of the globe come saucepan sets that have been designed to provide an outstanding cooking experience, no matter what food is used. This subcategory is dedicated to displaying you the wide variety of cookware sets we have available for sale.

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Le Creuset 3ply 3 Piece Saucepan Set
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Le Creuset 3PLY 3 Piece Saucepan Set

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Le Creuset 3PLY 4 Piece Saucepan Boxed Set
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Le Creuset 3PLY 4 Piece Saucepan Set

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Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Saucepan Set - Teal
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Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Saucepan Set - Teal

Variety of Brands to Choose From

This is a selection of saucepan sets (listed above) that are excellent for induction cooking (a direct method of heat transference to the pot itself) as they are all designed for extreme heat and quick cooking. Induction cooking is one of the best ways of creating heat, so ensure that you have induction ready cookware and saucepans before you attempt to test your new induction stovetop. If a magnet sticks to the bottom of your cookware, saucepan or frying pan then your cookware is indeed Induction ready. If not you will have to invest in new induction friendly cookware or forget about buying the induction hob top. Please peruse the range listed above. Each range will state what hob types they are suitable for. In in doubt please do not hesitate to contact us on 091539633.

All hail the masters, Le Creuset cookware. Their saucepans are equally as spectacular and the three-ply saucepan set by Le Creuset is a winner in every sense of the word. The three-ply in the name indicates that there are three levels of metal sandwiched between an aluminium core, this in turn spreads the heat evenly and effectively avoiding thermal hot spots and cooking food evenly. Induction cooking, gas or electric, it matters not - Le Creuset cast iron saucepans and Tri Ply cookware is comfortable on them all.

Two more masters in the fine craft of saucepans are Circulon and Stellar. Both Stellar saucepans and Circulon cooking pots have patented technology that spreads heat evenly throughout the base, keeping food warmer for far longer. These pots are also the leaders in oil-free cooking, requiring no oil (or at the least, very little oil) to cook a wide variety of foods. The brushed stainless steel coating also adds an extra level of class to your kitchen. Choose ShopCookware and select the saucepan set that best suits you.

Why Purchase a Set?

Purchasing a saucepan set gives you a head start, and easier than picking up a piece here and there and wishing you had that pot when you need it most.  Better for you, saucepan sets are generally more discounted than purchasing each piece individually.  Brands want to showcase their best possible cookware pieces to you and what better way than popping them into a cookware or saucepan set.  Usually a selection of saucepan sizes, small, medium and large also incorporating a pan, stockpot or maybe even a steamer.  Better yet you will be rest assured that all pieces will work well together and complement one another.