Steamers are a excellent way of cooking food while maintaining their nutritional values. There are 2 classes of vitamins water soluble and fat soluble vitamins. When it comes to the former types of vitamins we lose most of them when cooking. This is due to boiling vegetables in loads of water. The nutrients and vitamins dissolve into the water which we then proceed to dispose of, leaving very little nutrition left in the food we are about to consume. This is why steamers are an excellent way of cooking the food whilst still keeping most of the foods nutritional value.

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Stellar 24cm 3 Tier Steamer Set STM05
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Stellar 24cm 3 Tier Steamer Set STM05

Benefits of Steaming

It’s quick, keeping your food in its original shape too!

You can cook almost anything by steaming.

Retains vital vitamins and minerals.

You can cook many items at once in a tiered steamer.

Can require very little equipment.

Multi Steamer Sets & Steamer Inserts

Please peruse our range of steamers and steamer inserts above. A steamer insert is a very clever way of offering steamer functionality and ability without having to buy a new saucepan. Stainless steel steamer inserts are ridged at the bottom allowing them to universally fit a variety of saucepan sizes. The Joseph Joseph Lotus type steamer is a tool that you insert into the top of the saucepan. The liquid stays below lotus allowing you to steam your food to perfection.

If you buy a steamer saucepan set then these are great. They are usually three piece sets so you can cook up to three things at once. This is more energy efficient and also cost effective. Not to mention helpful when you are catering for a dinner party, Christmas dinner or special event when all the rings on your cooker are occupied cooking other items. It’s like magic using this clever steam set it can turn a 4 ring hob top into a 7 ring hob top!