Frying Pans

Being Irish nothing satisfies or satiates us more than a decent fry-up. To achieve this, you need sturdy frying pans that can handle the toughest of jobs. ShopCookware has been in the business of supplying quality cast iron frying pans for many years and we are passing on our experience to you! We have the most popular, plus the most innovative frying pans, all available online. We sell Cast iron fry pans, skillets and griddle pans, We also sell stainless steel non coated and non stick frying pans and of course no retailer would be worth their weight if they didn’t offer a decent selection of Ceramic easy care and easy clean frying pans.

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We have Le Creuset cast iron frying pans, famous for their sturdy cast-iron design and stunning range of metallic colours. These pans are all cool to the touch and non-stick for optimum frying. Cast-iron ensures that heat is retained, regardless of the heat source. The ribbed surface of the pan delivers traditional char-grilled lines that give food a smoky appeal. If you are not interested in grill pans then look at the Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillets and Omlette pans available. More recently Denby have come to maket with a more affordable version of cast Iron grill pans, griddle pans, skillets and omlette pans.

We are proud to present the ultra-luxurious, high quality Prestige pans, including the Circulon Infinite and Circulon Steel Elite pans, which take non-stick technology to new levels of usability – allowing you to create the ultimate culinary masterpieces that have to be seen (and tasted!) to be believed.

One of the most flavoursome and delicious foods to fry is undoubtedly a mouth-watering piece of steak. We walk you through some tips that will provide you with the best cooked steak outside of a five-star restaurant:
  • These tips create a well-done steak; cook for less time for rare or medium steaks. Check that guests want a well-done steak if cooking for someone else.
  • Firstly, rinse your steaks with cold water, patting dry on both sides when done. Pierce all over with a fork, making sure to do this on both sides. Pour some salt and pepper over one side, rubbing in well. Repeat on both sides. The stabbing creates channels that let the juice and spice flow directly through the meat.
  • Now it’s time for the cooking method. Pour your cooking oil into the frying pan (heated on medium heat), chuck your steaks into the pan and put the lid on. Leave the steak for a minute or so and then instantly remove the pan from the heat source. Once the sizzling noises stop, flip the meat again and return it back to the heat.
  • Do this above step three to four times, ensuring that the spice of your choice is added for the final flip. One you are ready to finish the steak off, leave the lid on for three minutes longer and your perfect steak will be completed! Ensure that the sizzling stops before you take it out.
  • For a rare steak (the steps above produce a well-done steak) simply cook for a shorter time.
    Use ShopCookware’s extensive range of cast iron cookware and frying pans to ensure a delicious meal time and time again!