Copper Fry Pans

Copper fry pans remains the fry pans material of choice for professional chefs and advanced home cooks. This is because of how well it distributes heat; it has a reputation for being the best type of cookware for avoiding hotspots. This makes it great for braising, simmering sauces, and preparing temperamental dishes like hollandaise and risotto. Copper fry pans heats up and cools down very quickly, meaning you can easily use it for several components of a meal getting dinner on the table faster. Traditional copper cookware was not induction suitable but the new types now on the market are suitable for use on induction hobs.

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Care Of Copper Cookware

One of its greatest, and certainly most obvious, benefits is that copper cookware is very pretty. Many people even use it for home decor as well as for food preparation by hanging the pieces on the wall or from the ceiling above the stove. Copper cookware can last a lifetime when well taken care of. Although it can be difficult to maintain, copper cookware is pretty easy to clean. Its lighter weight, for one thing, means you won’t be struggling to manoeuvre it in the sink. You can clean copper fry pans with gentle soap and a dish brush or sponge without worrying about damaging the pan. Avoid the any sort of steel wool or abrasives – and go real light with the scourers pads.  Stainless lined copper fry pans can take a bit more scrubbing and punishment. Just make sure you dry the pans thoroughly afterwards if you’re trying to keep that shiny look! Copper cookware needs to be polished frequently to keep its shine and lustre.