Hard Anodized Pans

Hard anodised pans are up and coming PFOA Free non-stick cookware. The hard anodised surface is superior to Teflon non stick cookware in the following ways. It heats up quickly and evenly avoiding any thermal hotspots. Hard anodised pans are sturdier like stainless steel pans and as such it is better tasked to handle high temperatures common in a professional kitchen. Hard anodised pans are non porous so they resist absorbing food smells and tastes meaning you can cook fish and chicken on the same pan at different intervals and neither will flavour the other.  Finally hard anodised non stick frying pans are better tasked to handle metal utensils without scratching, cracking or chipping so if you purchase frying pans in this range you won’t have to replace your kitchen utensils. See our range of hard anodised fry pans below.

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