CrÍpe Spatulas

Crêpe Spatualas - View our range of Crêpe Spatulas here at Anthony Ryans cookware shop, offering excellent quality Crêpe Spatualas to suit your needs.

A crêpe spatula is a long, narrow-bladed spatula that is ideal for easily turning and lifting of crêpes as they are being browned in a pan. The long length allows the spatula to be inserted the full diameter of the crêpe while the narrow width enables the crêpe to hang easily over the spatula without being ripped or damaged. The crêpe spatula gently handles and is well suited for the crêpe as it is being heated and cooked. When buying a spatula, make sure it can take the heat of the pan and is shaped with bevelled edges to allow a smoother surface to work with the crêpe and the pan more effectively.

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Stellar Premium CrÍpe Spatula

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Stellar Premium Cranked CrÍpe Spatula