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The cooking utensils inside the heart of the home can number in the hundreds. There is literally a kitchen utensil for everything. De-stoning olives, julienning carrots, crushing garlic, mashing potatoes, mixing salad and much, much more can be accomplished by the utensils in your kitchen. A simple knife and fork used to be all the tools a cook needed in order to get the most out of their kitchen. Now there is a separate tool for everything and anything; yet for the beginner this can be a harrowing experience. Discover our massive selection of kitchen utensils above and discover a new world of features. 

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Zyliss 2 in 1 Baster & Infuser
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Zyliss 2 in 1 Baster & Infuser

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Zyliss 3 Piece Prep Set

There are so many and varied cooking utensils to choose from. Purchase them separately or all at once with the Jamie Oliver kitchen tools set which comes inclusive of a pizza cutter, a can opener, a potato peeler, a bottle opener, a whisk and a grater. This is the ideal set to purchase as gets your kitchen work ready in no time at all.

Are you familiar with Le Creuset cookware? They also produce incredible silicon kitchenware such as whisks and heatproof multipurpose mats. Silicon is non-toxic and super-simple to clean. You will have an easier time in the kitchen with these tasty & colourful offerings.

Prestige cookware has a range of stainless steel cooking utensils with soft-touch handles and stunning appeal that will look incredible in any kitchen or on any kitchen counter. All the Prestige kitchen utensils share the same look; this provides easier options when you are looking to create a matching set.

Looking to keep your kitchen tools in tip-top shape? Then read these handy hints to discover how you can select the best tools for the right job.

¦The cheaper the tool, the worse off you will be. Spend more money initially and garner better results. 
¦Tools that every kitchen should have include a ladle, slotted spoons and a metal or silicone spatula. 
¦For a non-stick kitchen enthusiast, only wooden and rubber-coated cooking utensils will do the job correctly.
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