A whisk is a must!  Perfect for blending ingredients smooth, or incorporating air into your mixture, the definition of whisking or whipping. Most are long, with narrow handles, and finished with wire loops joined at the end.  But there are many different types of whisks, who knew?  All differently-shaped depending on their intended functions:

Balloon Whisk.  The good old reliable.  A wide teardrop shape, perfect with mixing bowls, as their curved edges are a match to bowl's concave sides.

French Whisk.  With longer, narrower wire loops, suits deep, straight-sided pans.

Flat Whisk.  Loops are arranged in a flat successive pattern. Ideally paired with shallow cookware

Spiral Whisk.  Commonly has one main loop with another wire coiled around. The angle of the whisk head is ideal for mixing gravy, jelly, batters and sauces.

Twirl Whisk.  Has one single wire that is spiralled into a balloon shape. Designed to remain stationary in a bowl while the user pumps the handle up and down, it circulates liquids readily throughout a bowl. Ideal for beating eggs.

Ball whisk.  Has no loops whatsoever. Instead, a group of individual wires comes out of the handle, each tipped with a metal ball. With no crossing wires, the ball whisk is easier to clean than traditional looped varieties. Manufacturers believe ball whisks allow for better aeration.

So now, pick the one for you.

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