Deep Fat Fryers

Deep Fat Fryers - View our range of Deep Fat Fryers here at Anthony Ryans cookware shop, offering excellent quality Deep Fat Fryers to suit your needs.

Ever want that fast food meal at home?  A deep fat fryer is your answer.  These electrical machines hold the cooking oil that is heated for cooking.  Modern home fryers have numerous features, alarmed timers, and automatic devices to raise and lower the basket into the oil, measures to prevent food crumbs from becoming over cooked, ventilation systems to reduce frying odours, oil filters to extend the usable life of the oil. Deep fryers are used for cooking many fast foods quickly, making them crisp on the outside and cooked inside.  Counter top fryers are popular due to their mobility and small size, and now using less and less oil. They lose less heat than gas fryers because their heating elements are immersed in the oil and often closed when cooking trapping in heat, and they have a faster temperature recovery time between frying cycles.

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