Presented above are chef knives that deliver slice after slice. A good chef, and indeed a great cook realises only through practice that they are only as good as the tools they use. 
This is why a top range of kitchen knives must be employed by the chef in charge. Running a kitchen in a busy hotel or even a busy one in your own home comes down to the tools you use. For the humble knife, this is a make or break environment for them. It is possible to grab whatever knife you see in your local shopping store, but the desired results will be only a small increment of what you truly wish them to be. Laser-sharpened, scientifically designed and honed into an ergonomically pleasing shape, our knives are the very definition of what makes a good cook even better.
Our signature set is without any doubt the series of Kai Shun knives. These masterful instruments were made for the professional, but have enough room for growth in any environment. Layer upon layer of stainless damask steel is combined to form the unbreakable shape of the knife itself. Years of research have gone into each one of their knives, with space-age innovations applied to every facet of the knife. The inner layer is made from a steel and gold combination; this ensures that corrosion and heat will not be an issue. The weight is perfect and the edge is a degree beyond any sharpness you have ever experienced before. With the Kai Shun chef knives, your work and indeed, your food will have a brand new outlook.

Once you have a brand new knife set, you will want to keep your spiffy new blades nice and sharp. We recommend that you purchase a whetstone (the stone itself is never wet) and sliding the blade at an angle across the face of the stone. Once the blade is clean; sharpen it further with a sharpening steel tool to ensure a clean cut for years to come. It takes practice to correctly use the sharpening tools, but they will aid you in ways you will come to appreciate. For further chef knives, please see our selection above.