Speciality Cookware

In every cookshop you face the awkward decision of finding the best way to merchandise some unusual products that don't quite belong in other categories. As such we have decided to take a few items and create this category called Speciality Cookware. This category features cookware such as cast iron tagine’s from Le Creuset with Le Creuset Stoneware funnel. We also feature a the 70's classic yet still in demand the Gourmand Fondue Set and accessories such as  forks, burners, burner gels from Le Creuset. We also feature cast iron typical Indian Balti dishes here. We also feature sizzle dishes here, these cast iron sizzle dishes are to be preheated in a hot oven and then used to serve food with a sizzle just like a restaurant pro. Ireland has become more travelled as a nation and we have tastes that have grown to suit our jet setting lifestyles. Check out the beautiful tapas dishes we have on offer here.

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Judge 50cm Fish Poacher
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Judge 50cm Fish Poacher

Cooks' Blow Torch

No self processed chefs' Kitchen should ever be with out a cooks blow torch for caramelizing and finishing dishes for perfect presentation. We recommend you purchase a good quality cooks torch when it comes to products like this in order to be safe.