Sizzling Platters

To create a spectacular Sizzler dish at home to impress you guest you need to invest in the right cookware. To do this you need to buy a good quality cast iron sizzler dish. The dish is unseasoned from initial purchase but will develop a non stock patina with continued use.  Resist the urge to scrub after use with abrasives or degreasers. These cast iron dishes are usually heated in an oven at 200 -260 degrees Celsius to (400F to 500F) for 20 minutes prior to serving until it just begins to smoke (from the thin oil layer on the plate). These dishes continue to cook the food for a few minutes even after serving and then after function keep the food hot much longer. 

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Cast Iron Pizza Plate

The Le Creuset cast iron pizza plates shown here can also be used as a sizzle dish and if you use to cook Pizza they will keep the base hot and crispy for longer.