Denby Halo Tableware

Almost a tie-dye style of tableware.  Halo’s distinctive style is created by applying two glazes and as they merge the distinctive style of Halo is created.  With large wide rims to frame your culinary creations.  Finished with a high gloss and a white insert.  Also think of pairing with Denby Jet Black to add a spalsh of extra colour to your Denby collection.  Halo is all hand finished, so no piece is ever exactly the same. In fact, only after being passed through 25 pairs of hands is each piece then awarded the Denby seal of approval.  Denby stoneware clay is very strong. It is fully vitrified (the surface is made glassy and non-porous) which gives it strength, durability and is chip resistance.

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Denby Halo Coupe Speckle Dinner Plate

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Denby Halo Medium Plate

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Denby Halo Mug
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Denby Halo Heritage Mug

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Denby Halo Brew Open Sugar Bowl
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Denby Halo Brew Open Sugar Bowl

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Denby Jet Set of 2 Champagne Flutes

Denby Stoneware Pottery

Those who prefer the crisp simplicity of white and the timeless quality of fine Denby pottery can browse our the ranges that have lasted through out the decades, Linen, Imperial Blue, Greenwich, and Regency Green collections, each of which offers a classic design in a plain white insert finish. The Denby traditional ranges includes tea pot, mugs, cups, bowls, plates and saucers, and is offset with a striking trim, with a more delicate cut plus a gloss finish. These ranges are further extended into many accessories. The more design savvy ranges include Halo, Fire, Azure and a newer collections, Heritage and Natural Canvas.

Heritage is a beautiful range joining four different collections allowing you to mix and match giving you a real eclectic tableware collection.  Natural Canvas is the first range to see boxed cafetieres and tea sets, and textured patterns from Denby.

For a more modern setting, the Denby Jet Black range encompasses a minimalistic glossy finish collection which features stark white crockery offset with jet black edgings – a must for anyone who prefers a dramatic table setting. Most sets encompass a 16pce dinner set as well as a full range of items from tea sets to dinnerware. Those seeking something softer will enjoy the Denby Azure, Azure Coast, Truffle, Truffle layers Greenwich, Fire Chilli or China ranges; all offering beautiful collections with subtle designs that provide a dash of colour to your table setting.  This ranges are part of Denby's pride and heritage.  Denby's 200 year tradition dates back to artists in Derbyshire becoming pottery pioneers when using their skills to produce the famous Denby pottery we now know and love. 

Did you know?

You can register your Denby.  There are selected ranges that have a 10 year guarantee and you can register your tableware with Denby. Denby's Made in England stoneware ranges, give you all the confidence you need to really love and enjoy your range. Even better is, if you register your guarantee with Denby and tell them what range you are collecting you will be given twelve months notice if the range is being discontinued to get all your bits and pieces in order.