Tea & Coffee Preparation

Buy kettles teapots, tea infuser and coffee pots, coffe presses and Bodums from ShopCookware and experience a cuppa the way it was meant to be. What could be more relaxing then a hot cup of tea or coffee on a cold winter’s day? At ShopCookware, we believe that everyone should own their own teapot and kettle, and we have gone to great lengths to provide a fantastic selection of options that will appeal to virtually any tea or coffee lover.

We offer stoneware teapots from top brands such as Denby and Le Creuset, We also offer stainless steel teapots and induction ready teapots. If its art deco you like check out the beautiful range of mirror polished teapots and cafetieres from Stellar and Judge homewares.

Le Creuset kettles are as usual, one of the optimal choices when it comes to teapots. Select from the Grand Teapot or Classic, each one an excellent choice which comes with a ’stoneware’ promise as it were - the promise to retain heat long after the heat has dissipated. If neither of these tickle your fancy, then you may want to get your hands around (not literally though, you may burn them) the Le Creuset whistling tea kettle. This is a traditional whistling kettle that benefits from absolutely no advanced technology at all - save from the excellent Le Creuset styling! Create tea the old-fashioned way with this gorgeous teapot. If it’s a cast iron teapot your after then look no further the Staub cast iron teapot is constructed using heavy diecast iron; perfect to sit idly on the stove or range all day.

Delonghi and Kitcheaid offer a extensive range of beautiful colourful electric kettles to suit all budgets. Presented below are a few tea tips that should give you an excellent cup of tea:

  • When possible, brew with filtered water. Tea is 99% water so the most important ingredient should be of the highest quality.
  • Clean your teapot on a regular basis. Lime scale can quickly build up on the boiling mechanism.
  • For the fussy, there are guides that tell how long tea needs to be steeped for. One example is five to seven minutes for herbal tea.
  • Always serve your tea fresh and hot.

Brewing a good cup of tea is all about experimenting as you go along. Read above and discover which teapot sets will make a difference in your kitchen.