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Le Creuset Whistling Kettles

Le Creuset kettles and tea pots featuring enamel-on-steel and stainless steel settings. The whistling stove-top kettles obtainable here will perfectly match your Le Creuset cookware. Each item is suitable for use on every type of hob, including induction and Aga/Rayburn stoves.

The brand presents high quality functional whistling kettles that are assets to any kitchen. Their traditional whistling kettles are appropriate for all heat sources with the inclusion of induction stoves as well. The Le Creuset range is celebrated for its outstanding cast-iron cookware which is available in a variety of cheerful colours. Keeping these top class features in mind, the range of kettles and tea pots were forged to reflect the same level of excellence. Once decked out with these items, your kitchen and dining room table will take on a light that you won’t know how you managed to forego before.

Le Creuset kettles are known for their durability but it’s still important not to boil while the kettle is empty. The burner should be the equivalent size as the kettle’s base, an even match here will ensure an even, faster boil time. If the kettle is left for an extended period in a boiling state, it’s possible for the enamel to wear down so bear this in mind as you won’t want to lose its unique finish. Remember not to leave water standing in your kettle as this builds scale. The Le Creuset range is highly damage resistant though, so with reasonable care your new items will last you a lifetime. With regard to Le Creuset tea pots, we feature both the Classic and the Grand which have a volume of 1.3 litres; comfortably serving four cups of tea. These include an ingenious anti-drip spout making spillage a thing of the past, and the larger easy-to-use handle allows for accurate pouring despite a full pot. The new fashionable top will enable you to pour tea in an elegant and graceful manner, while it fits securely in its opening during a serving.

Match your cookware today with Le Creuset kettles and tea pots.