Le Creuset

Le Creuset Cookware

You may have been browsing our site and noticed that we stock many pieces of Le Creuset kitchenware. It is no surprise either, as Le Creuset pots, cookware, casserole dishes and much more are amongst some of the best pieces of kitchenware available today.

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Le Creuset Cast Iron Casseroles

They have developed an enamel coating plus a cast-iron firing process that produces some of the strongest and most attractive cooking pieces in the world. Each piece is unique; so unique that the mould is destroyed after each piece is made. Purchasing a Le Creuset item puts you in a great position, the position of owning cookware that will last for decades to come, producing delicious food with every pot. Chefs, amateur cooks and even soccer moms will want to own these gems of the cooking world. Le Creuset is indeed a strong addition that will bolster the collection of any cook. What can we offer you in terms of Le Creuset? Select from our casserole dishes, stoneware, frying pans, non-stick pans, other cast-iron cookware and much, much more.

Take a Le Creuset Cast Iron casserole dish home today, and start loving the art of cooking once more. Le Creuset comes in a massive variety of colours that endears to the collector as much as it does the avid cook. Select from Cerise, Volcanic, Almond and Blue. For a more novel form of cooking, the Le Creuset cast-iron Tagine is the ultimate slow-cooker and the ideal way to keep roasts, chickens and lamb. Even vegetables and dishes with a small amount of liquid can be used in the Tagine. The Tagine creates a delicious and different sort of meal then you may have experienced before. Le Creuset Tagine comes in a variety of colours. We trust that you enjoy purchasing kitchen cookware from ShopCookware and we are proud to stock such high-end items in the Le Creuset range. Browse our site regularly, as we are constantly updating our stock, adding new specials and lowering the prices of old favourites. We will help you to find the ideal Le Creuset cookware for you.

Le Creuset Tableware

Le Creuset have launched a range of  kettles and teapots, such as the Le Creuset Traditional Whistling Kettle and the Kone Whistling Kettle. 

More recently they have launched a large range stoneware tableware of mugs, baking dishes, cake plates, pie dishes in a beautiful array of colours.