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We supply a large range of Prestige Meyer Cookware through our website. For quality cookware at a price that anyone can afford, choose Prestige Meyer cookware. Prestige Meyer is the trusted name in non-stick cookware, and a supplier of fine saucepans, knife blocks, pressure cookers and electrical appliances.

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Let us browse through some of the options that Prestige Meyer is able to provide: Prestige saucepans are a necessity in any household, with a grand selection available to the casual shopper. Non-stick is a must-have in this day and age, with almost every single kitchen appliance apparently having the non-stick tagline. Sadly, most non-stick pans and products have only the lightest coating of Teflon on them; this does not produce the desired results. For true quality however, Prestige has patented a TOTAL Titanium composite with a Hi-Low release system that has been proved to outlast all other non-stick surfaces. Their pans also fry faster, allowing moisture to quickly escape from the pan. Take your cooking to the next level with our range of premium Prestige Circulon Infinite and Prestige Circulon Steel Elite frypans, woks and saucepans. Designed for effective heat retention, with non-stick technology and beautiful finishing, these cooking tools are sure to help you create an array of culinary masterpieces in the kitchen. For a large dinner party, Prestige Meyer has you covered. The Prestige Cook 'N Steam plus the Stainless Steel Electric Slow Cooker can be present on the dining room table as you slowly begin to serve your guests their food. The Cook 'N Steam has three levels of cooking options. Fry your food, steam it, saute it and much more! This is an attractive piece that comes with dividers which can be used to ensure that food does not mix while cooking. The slow cooker is an easy to clean, ceramic cooking pot that comes with a tight fitting glass lid. The slow cooker seals in the taste plus the nutrients, making it the ideal option for meaty stews or large Sunday dinners. This is an exceptionally stylish pot that will hold a position of pride on any table. There is so much more to Prestige Meyer. Roasters, saucepans, knife blocks, toasters, kitchen accessories and Prestige deco kettles, there is a world of options for you to choose from. Prestige Meyer even has a full selection of large kitchenware to fill the gaps in your cutlery collection. Scan above for specials and further options that will look simply incredible in your kitchen. ShopCookware is indeed the trusted name for Prestige cookware.