Quality Stellar Cookware

The Stellar brand is a subsidiary of firmly established kitchenware experts, Horwood Homewares, which was founded in Bristol in 1896. Founding member Joseph Horwood had a clear vision of expert craftsmanship and aesthetic perfection, attributes which are clear in the Stellar range.

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In the early days the Horwood family was responsible for leading products including: tools, brushes, glass and china, as well as the vital goods of that time - chandelier chains, washboards and even chamber pots. Time may have changed but the level of expertise among the Horwood brand has only become more impressive. The launch of the now renowned Stellar brand took place in 1984, but as early as 1991 cookware sales had increased fourfold, granting the new brand the sought after title: 'Choice of Professionals'. Stellar cutlery and cookware are highly prized examples of excellence in the field and prized for their innovative designs and durability.Shopcookware proudly presents you with some of the ultimate expressions of this daring range:

  • The Stellar 1000 5 PCE Deep Saucepan Set - This top of the line set of stainless steel pots has re-defined our expectations of quality products in the industry. We have so much confidence in this range that the set comes with a lifetime guarantee and in addition is suitable for all hob and induction stoves
  • Stellar Raglan 44 PCE Polished Cutlery Gift Set - This flawless modern design of stainless steel's durability merged with the latest understanding of ergonomics is simply a masterpiece. As usual with the Stellar brand, the range carries the confidence of a lifetime guarantee.
  • The Stellar saucepans - The Stellar 3000 frying pans series is suitable for all hobs. Featuring a stunning jet black interior, it is also dishwasher friendly and performs well above the most discerning expectations.

For all of your kitchenware needs look no further than the excellence of the Stellar brand.