Breville Brita Filter Kettle 1 Litre - White

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Breville Brita Filter Kettle 1 Litre - White

Two of the most-trusted names in kitchen appliances and modern conveniences, Breville and BRITA, have come together to produce a kettle which not only filters but boils too. Using Brevilles knowledge of building kettles to complement modern living, and BRITA’s expertise in water filtration; the Breville BRITA Filter 1L Jug Kettle is a fantastic addition to any kitchen.


Using innovative Maxtra cartridges, the kettle is capable of boiling up the freshest, cleanest-tasting and purest cup of water.

1L capacity

BRITA technology Removable limescale filter

Blue illumination in boil mode

3kW heating element for fast boiling times


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