Le Creuset 33cm Cast Iron Signature Rectangular Roaster - Meringue

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Le Creuset 33cm Cast Iron Signature Rectangular Roaster - Meringue

A Le Creuset casserole dish is a must for any cook who takes their craft seriously. While cooking with conventional pots, pans and casseroles may be more economical in the short run, Le Creuset cookware will bring new dimensions to your cooking and to what you are already able to do in the kitchen. Talent and experience can take you a long way, but having the right tools will allow you to truly show off your culinary expertise. The benefits of cooking with Le Creuset cast iron cookware are numerous. These include the following:


- Exceptionally even heat distribution. This allows you to prepare meals without having to worry that food is not evenly cooked/heated.


- Better heat retention. This allows you to take the roaster off the heat and still keep its contents warm before serving.


- Attractive finish, this Le Creuset roasting dish can go straight from your oven to your table, saving time on washing up! Each piece of Le Creuset cookware also comes with a lifetime warranty and you can rest assured that it is dishwasher safe.


Choose Le Creuset cast iron cookware for an attractive, practical solution to all your cooking needs.


Suitable on ceramic, electric, gas and induction hobs, grill, oven and dishwasher safe.

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