Le Creuset 4 Piece Starter Set - Ink

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Le Creuset 4-Piece Starter Set - Ink

Whether it is to refresh your kitchen cookware, or to give the perfect wedding or new home gift, this Starter Set from Le Creuset offers incredible value for everyday essentials.

The set is comprised of a 20cm cast iron round casserole, a 26cm x 31cm rectangle stoneware dish, and 2 stoneware ramekins, and they all bring the reliable Le Creuset quality into your kitchen.

So, whether you're cooking a casserole or stew, a pasta bake or a gratin, or even a crème brûlée or a soufflé, now you'll have the cookware you need to get perfect results every time.


Set contains:

1 x 20cm cast iron round casserole

1x 26cm x 31cm rectangle stoneware dish

2 x stoneware ramekins

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