Le Creuset Metal Collection SW-101 Crown Champagne Stopper

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Metal Collection SW-101 Crown Sparkling Wine Stopper

Le Creuset wine stoppersare available as part of the following packages: - Everyday Wine Pump and three stoppers - Everyday set of two vacuum wine stoppers - Everyday sparkling wine stopper - Metal collection wine pump and three stoppers in black nickel - Metal collection wine pump and three stoppers in platinum - Metal collection crown champagne stopper

Once open, wine is pretty delicate and, if stored improperly, it can oxidise, ruining the bouquet and palate. If you plan to keep an opened wine only for a short while (two to three days), you can simply put the cork back in and keep it in the fridge. If, however, you want to store it for longer it is best to invest in a wine pump and a set of stoppers. Pumping the air out of the bottle and then securely stoppering it will ensure that an airtight seal is formed and your wine is safely preserved. While drinking oxidized wine will not make you sick or harm you in any way, it is simply not pleasant to drink. Oxidization leads to a loss of colour, flavour and aroma (sometimes referred to as flattening. In essence, it ruins the character of the wine. Investing in a pump and stopper set will allow you to preserve opened wines for extended periods of time, while the crown champagne shopper will ensure that champagnes and sparkling wines do not go flat. No wine aficionado should be without one and the sets also make for excellent corporate- and personal gifts. Treat yourself to this wine accessory today and rest assured that oxidized wine is finally a thing of the past.

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