Salter NutriPro 1200 - Red

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Salter NutriPro 1200 - Red

Salter have been producing great kitchen products to enhance our lifestyle.  Using their expertise in food preparation to bring the very best appliances to make life that little bit easier.  With the NutriPro you cam make yourself delicious, vitamin packed, nutritious super smoothies for on the go!  With its powerful 1200 watt high power offers a faster and more effective way of extracting nutrients.  With up to a massive one litre capacity allowing for more healthy fruit, vegetables and superfoods to be packed into your super smoothies.  The unique multipurpose blade design enables maxium vitamin and nutrient release, whilst still being able to effectively chop and crush ice.


Includes NutriPro 1200 Watt blender base unit, 1 litre blending cup, 6 blade lid attachment, 2 x 800ml blending cups, 2 storage lids, 2 easy-drink lids

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