Salter Omelette Maker

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Salter Omelette Maker

The Salter Omelette Maker is ideal for creating deliciously light and fluffy omelettes in minutes.  The non-stick cooking plates require no cooking oil and ensure effortless food release. By simply beating together eggs, milk and a little butter, along with your favourite fresh ingredients and season to taste, then pour into the bottom plates and close the lid, with indicator lights so you know when it is ready.

  • The Salter Omelette Maker and Multi Grill can be used to make perfectly fluffy omelettes as well as a variety of other grilled dishes.
  • Reachs cooking temperatures up to 200° and rapid heat up, it also has power on and ready indicator lights for safe use.
  • A fantastic selection of recipes is included to get you started, ranging from healthy vegetarian omelettes to indulgent sweet desserts.

Model EK2716

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